Monday, June 15, 2009

Brian Hickey " The Hit and Run Victim- that lived!!

I never EVER! read a random full Story On line,Like yours.. ( BUT FOR some reason )I did read yours today, ""I Was personally Massively offended"" By,Myself, having to start off your story by being "The Brunt of your,Insensitive, [Don't give a Shit!] About What you Say makes other people F E E L! You and your BREEDER, Fucken Stupid Mentality with your GAY Jokes!! Your a Heartless-FUCK! Maye that's Why your Karma Dictated, This Awful Lesson you had to endure,(& maybe not!)- What ever the Case, I wouldn't wish that on any one! Next time, Take a Cab, And keep your Ears open. no ware in your story did i hear,You acknowledge,your Own-> Actual{CAUSE IN THE EVENT } meaning Your at least Just AS RESPONSIBLE FOR PUTTING YOUR SELF IN HARMS WAY, As the Fucking Ass hole Who hit, you! And your Right, As All of our life's Events are Dictated, Purely by "[CAUSE & EFFECTS in other words, KARMA The Driver, Most likely a man, is a Fucking Coward! ironically, The Car Driver, May have had just Alcohol in there System As you Did, With there Radio blasting. All people Are Worthy of respect,Gay/St8/& Bi, The 2009 popular Trend, "Of I Fuck Whom ever I please, "wide spread Phenomena" that's unquestionably going on in all across America Theses days, Witch pisses me off, I Wish people Would just Choose, Like you! ...anyway Regardless of Who They choose to love or Fuck! & BTW You ant Got Nothing to worry about , With regards to UN-wanted attention from GAY Men! I know , Because , i saw your picture! I've always Said, " It's only The Good, " That Die Young", ( in other words, They learned what they Enrolled hear on Earth, In the University of Life on Earth_-. "UOLOE" & They Got to Graduate, [i.e] Die check out from this temporary mortal Life, & return to pure spirit eternal life. where we all came from, before we(Soul) made an intentional decision and commitment to be Born Human , TO LEARN what we Need to LEARN! I'm 51-1/2 YO, Gay white male in San Diego Calif. Well it seems "YOU and I,Still haven't graduated yet? As were both are Still alive. So I it Would seem,By that simple virtue, ( That "We both") Still got "Shit Loads to learn!")Please Do This Very Small Homosexual World Sub- Culture a Solid,Now That Your All Enlightened,... and Fucken Lay off With the GAY Jokes, "We" don't appreciate , in the least, and you Wouldn't either. I'm Glad your OK Keep telling us How you FEEL, That part of your crass self is Oddly Refreshing. By the Way, Do you Want to know What Gay men Think, When They here Some Small Brained Breeders, Making Jokes at our Expense! We Think "Well He Got a Queen Raging inside Him, (in the Closet) dieing to get Out! and Wants to SUCK DICK so Bad HE CANT STAND IT ! That's what we think! As Well as Educated Homosexual people With a Brain also Think When they here you displaying your ASS, With your non_ appropriate GAY jokes